“…Music has given me a lot. I have had a wonderful life. I wish to do the right thing, to support young talented pianists…”
Prof. Ventsislav Yankoff

Ventsislav Yankoff Foundation was founded in May 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria, by Prof. Yankoff’s niece – Dr. Nadezhda Todorovska.

The Members of the Management Board of the Foundation are distinguished artists and individuals active in different areas of public life in Bulgaria and worldwide who appreciate art in its various forms.

Members of the Management Board
Meet the team

Main goals of the Foundation:

  • Support and popularization of the musical education and culture in Bulgaria;
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills among performers from different nationalities;
  • Preservation and development of the cultural-historical musical heritage.
The first initiative of Ventsislav Yankoff Foundation:

“Poets of the Piano”“Ventsislav Yankoff” scholarship competition for young pianists

final concert – 16 May 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria.

During his active life dedicated to music, Prof. Ventsislav Yankoff inspired many young pianists to embark on the challenging path towards the cultivation of their musical art. Through the Foundation founded in his name, Prof. Ventsislav Yankoff creates beauty once again in its finest form by supporting and incentivizing the development of young musical talents. Through the universal language of music that contains core spiritual values and virtues, Prof. Ventsislav Yankoff continues to be among us and inspires us to find beauty in life.