The Cappa

Nadezhda Todorovska
„... Whoever wants to enrich himself within, should approach music...“
Ventsislav Yankoff

Bulgaria is known for its musical talents. Prof. Ventsislav Yankoff is a world-renowned pianist – one of the greatest performers of his time.

As his niece, I took to heart his wish to help young pianists. This is one of the main goals of the Ventsislav Yankoff Foundation. He often told me: “…Music has given me a lot. I have had a wonderful life. I wish to do the right thing, to support young talented pianists…”.

Music, as a universal language that reaches all people, provides a unique opportunity to create bridges and bring beauty to the lives of all of us. This is why another main goal of the Foundation is to support and popularize musical education and culture in Bulgaria, enriching them with the experience and achievements of both native performers and teachers, as well as those from other countries.

The transfer of knowledge and skills among performers of different nationalities leads to a common professional and spiritual growth. As a student of Petar Dunov, with whom they played the music of the Paneurhythmia together, Ventsislav Yankoff professed these values ​​throughout his life.

Through the Foundation, named after him, we (the members of the management board) have the desire to implement projects aimed at preserving and developing the cultural-historical and musical heritage of Bulgaria.

From his first concert, at the age of six in Sofia, to his last one in Paris – Prof. Ventsislav Yankoff never ceased to be the poet of the piano, giving his listeners love and inspiration to find beauty in life.

Dr. Nadezhda Todorovska
Founder and Director of the Foundation